Interface AssetRenderer

public interface AssetRenderer

An AssetRenderer provides AssetRenditions by bridging an Asset's data and some type of converter. AssetRenderers can be provided by AssetProviders when the conversion/translation can be managed by the AssetProvider itself (or its underlying system), or via a "global" registry. AssetProviderRegistry.getRendererFor(info.magnolia.dam.api.Asset,, provides the entry point (looks up in provider then in its own registry) bridges to other possible conversion mechanisms, independent of the Magnolia DAM.

Method Summary
 boolean canRender(Asset asset, to)
 AssetRendition render(Asset asset, to, String renditionName)
          Returns a AssetRendition of the given Asset in the given MediaType.
 boolean supports( from, to)

Method Detail


boolean supports( from,


boolean canRender(Asset asset,


AssetRendition render(Asset asset,
                      String renditionName)
Returns a AssetRendition of the given Asset in the given MediaType. The renditionName parameter should be used a hint for the renderer, but is up to the implementation to validate or ignore that name.

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