Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
Magnolia Imaging Module A Magnolia module that provides image generation and filtering capabilities.
Magnolia Imaging (Preload AWT Fix) Fix - ensure AWT is loaded on startup
Magnolia Imaging Support Module A Magnolia module that provides the basic interface needed for imaging.
Magnolia Imaging Module Compatibility Provides a compatibility module which allows using old Content API. Content API was deprecated in Magnolia 4.5 and removed in Magnolia 5.6
Magnolia Imaging Module Maven Relocation Relocates info.magnolia:magnolia-module-imaging to a compatibility sub-module. See
Magnolia Imaging Support Module Maven Relocation Relocates info.magnolia:magnolia-imaging-support to a different group id. See
Magnolia Imaging (Preload AWT Fix) Maven Relocation Relocates info.magnolia:magnolia-module-imaging-fix-preload-awt to a different group and artifact id. See