Package info.magnolia.cms.beans.config

Interface Summary
VirtualURIMapping VirtualURIMapping implementations are used by VirtualURIManager and VirtualUriFilter to transform incoming URI requests.

Class Summary
ConfigLoader This class is an entry point to all config.
ContentRepository TODO needs serious refactoring and cleanup.
DefaultVirtualURIMapping A simple implementation of VirtualURIMapping based on UrlPattern.
HostBasedVirtualURIMapping Simple VirtualURI mapping that can forward to a different url depending on the request host name.
MIMEMapping Manages mappings of file extensions with their MIME types and icon.
MIMEMapping.MIMEMappingItem Used to keep the configuration in memory.
ObservedManager A lot of "manager" objects are observed.
Paragraph Deprecated. since 4.0 - moved to info.magnolia.module.templating.Paragraph
ParagraphRenderingFacade Deprecated. since 4.0 - moved to info.magnolia.module.templating.ParagraphRenderingFacade
PropertiesInitializer This class is responsible for loading the various "" files, merging them, and substituting variables in their values.
RegexpVirtualURIMapping Virtual uri mapping implementation that uses regular expressions in fromURI/toURI.
RotatingVirtualURIMapping An extension of RegexpVirtualURIMapping that allows a rotation between different destination urls.
ServerConfiguration Holds the basic server configuration info.
ServerConfiguration.InstanceFactory A special instance factory preventing recursive instantiation.
ShutdownManager Deprecated. since 4.0: usage removed.
Template Deprecated. since 4.0 - moved to info.magnolia.module.templating.Template
URI2RepositoryManager Maps uri prefixes to repositories.
URI2RepositoryMapping Describes a uri to repository mapping.
VersionConfig Versioning configuration.
VirtualURIManager Store for all virtual URI to template/page mapping.
VirtualURIMapping.MappingResult Mapping information returned by VirtualURIMapping.mapURI(String).

Exception Summary
ConfigurationException Thrown when initial configuration can't be loaded.

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