Package info.magnolia.cms.core

Interface Summary
Content Represents a piece of content (node) which has nodedatas (properties) containing the values and which can have sub contents.
Content.ContentFilter Implement this interface to be used as node filter by getChildren().
HierarchyManager Main class to access content.
NodeData Represents a content value object.

Class Summary
AbstractContent A base class by implementing some default behavior.
AbstractNodeData Implementing some default behavior.
Access Simply utility class for AccessManager.
AggregationState Aggregates the necessary information to render content.
BinaryNodeData A node data hiding the fact that node datas of type BINARY are stored as nodes of type ItemType.NT_RESOURCE.
ContentHandler Abstract super class for Content and ContentVersion.
DefaultContent Default, JCR-based, implementation of Content.
DefaultHierarchyManager Default JCR-based implementation of HierarchyManager.
DefaultNodeData Wrapper class for a jcr property.
ItemType The Magnolia equivalent to NodeType.
MetaData Meta data of a content like creation date, modification date, assigned template, ...
NonExistingNodeData Represents an non-mutable empty node data.
Path Utility class to retrieve files or directory used by Magnolia.
SystemProperty A global holder for system-wide configuration properties.

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