Package info.magnolia.cms.filters

Interface Summary
MgnlFilter Interface for filters managed by Magnolia, exposing support for the bypass mechanism.
WebContainerResources Web container resources are resources which are served by the web container and not by the Magnolia CMS.

Class Summary
AbstractMgnlFilter A magnolia filter configured in the config repository.
AggregatorFilter Reads the accessed content from the repository and puts it into the AggregationState.
BackwardCompatibilityFilter Deprecated. since 4.3
CompositeFilter A single filter which in turn executes a chain of other filters.
CompositeFilterTransformer A special content2bean transformer for filters.
ContentTypeFilter TODO : rename this filter.
ContextFilter This class initializes the current context and configures MDC logging.
CosMultipartRequestFilter Processes multipart post requests (fileuploads).
DispatchRule Used to configure if a filter is executed for a specific dispatcher type (REQUEST, FORWARD, INCLUDE, ERROR).
DispatchRules Similar to the dispatch mapping in the web.xml.
FilterDecorator Used to decorate a normal (not magnolia) filter.
FilterDecorator.CustomFilterConfig Exposes the parameters configured using content2bean as FilterConfig to the servlet API.
HostSecurityFilter A filter that hides urls dependending on the request host name.
InstallFilter Filter responsible for executing the update/install mechanism.
InterceptFilter Handle intercepted administrative requests.
Mapping A URI mapping as configured for filters and servlets.
Mapping.MatchingResult Result of ThemeReader Mapping.match(HttpServletRequest) method.
MgnlFilterChain A implementation of FilterChain having a bypass mechanism.
MgnlMainFilter A single filter which in turn executes a chain of other filters not configured in web.xml.
MultipartRequestFilter A Filter that determines if a HttpServletRequest contains multipart content and if so parses it into a request attribute for further processing.
MultipartRequestWrapper HttpServletRequestWrapper that adds additional parameters passed in using multipart submit.
OncePerRequestAbstractMgnlFilter A base abstract class for filters that should not be executed more than once for each request.
RepositoryMappingFilter Maps a URI to content stored in the repository.
ServletDispatchingFilter A filter that dispatches requests to a wrapped servlet.
UnicodeNormalizationFilter Normalizes the current URI to the NFC form which is used internally.
UnicodeNormalizationRequestWrapper Performs unicode normalization (NFC) for request parameters.
VirtualUriFilter Handle redirects configured using VirtualURIMappings.
WebContainerResourcesImpl A basic implementation which uses a request attribute to mark a request to a web container resource.

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