Package info.magnolia.cms.i18n

Interface Summary
I18nContentSupport Support for i18n content.
Messages Storage of messages - key value pairs.

Class Summary
AbstractI18nContentSupport An abstract implementation of I18nContentSupport which stores the locale specific content in node data having a local suffix: <name>_<locale>.
AbstractMessagesImpl Provides localized strings.
DefaultI18nContentSupport This implementation support a language prefix like /en/*.
DefaultMessagesImpl Loads the message from properties files accessed as classpath resources.
DefaultMessagesManager Default MessagesManager implementation.
DefaultMessagesManager.MessagesID Used as the key in the Map.
EmptyMessages A null-pattern implementation of the messages interface.
HierarchyBasedI18nContentSupport Serves i18n content found in a per locale hierarchy structure.
I18nContentSupportFactory Get the current I18nContentSupport object from this factory.
I18nContentSupportFilter Rewrites the i18n uris and sets the current locale.
I18nContentWrapper A ContentWrapper implementation which knows about I18nContentSupport.
LocaleDefinition General language definition.
MessagesChain Chains messages.
MessagesManager From this class you get the i18n messages.
MessagesUtil Util for handle messages.
RequestLocaleAwareI18nContentSupport Reads the local from the request.
TemplateMessagesUtil Deprecated. officially since 4.0 - informally since 3.0

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