Package info.magnolia.cms.taglibs.util

Class Summary
AAttribute Tag which can be nested in a AHref tag in order to add parameters.
AHref Utility tag which can be used to print out a link based on the value of a node data or tries to find the first page with a specific template name, starting from a specific page.
BaseImageTag A base class for image related tags e.g.
Breadcrumb Outputs "breadcrumbs" with links to parents of the current page.
ConvertNewLineTag Converts text in the body of the tag adding
tags at new lines or wrapping lines in paragraphs.
Date Deprecated. see cms:out.
FileSrc Deprecated. see cms:out.
ImgTag Writes an html img tag for the image at "nodeDataName".
ImgTagBeanInfo Bean info, needed for the "class" attribute.
PoweredByTag A simple tag which can display the version and edition of the running Magnolia instance.
RedirectTag Redirects to the first child page.
ScaleImageTag Creates a scaled copy of an image.
SearchResultSnippetTag Output a set of snippets taken from any paragraph in the given page mathing any of the search term.
SimpleMailTag Deprecated. since 4.0
SimpleNavigationTag Draws a simple, css based, navigation menu.
SimpleSearchTag A simple tag which allows searching in all the site content with a "natural language" query.
StrToObj converts a string to an object using split.
TableTag Draws an html table.
TableTagBeanInfo Bean info, needed for the "class" attribute.
Text2PngFactory Class to generate PNG images from TrueType font strings.
TextToImageTag Tag that converts text into PNG images, and outputs a div element containing a set of img elements.
Xmp Simulates the xmp tag, escaping content.

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