Package info.magnolia.cms.util

Interface Summary
ClasspathResourcesUtil.Filter Filter for filtering the resources.
ContentUtil.PostVisitor Used in ContentUtil.Visitor.visit(Content) if the visitor wants to use post order.
ContentUtil.Visitor Used in ContentUtil.Visitor.visit(Content) to visit the hierarchy.
FactoryUtil.InstanceFactory Deprecated. since 4.3 - use ComponentFactory
PatternDelegate A simple generic interface that can be used to configure anything that can be selected based on some conditions (i.e.
UnicodeNormalizer.Normalizer Used to normalize a String.
UrlPattern Pattern interface, used to match URLs.

Class Summary
AbstractContentComparator Deprecated. since 4.2 - now irrelevant since using generics, implement Comparator instead of extending this.
AlertUtil Stores a message in the request.
BooleanUtil Util to convert strings to booleans.
ClasspathResourcesUtil Util to find resources in the classpath (WEB-INF/lib and WEB-INF/classes).
ClasspathResourcesUtil.PatternFilter A filter using a regex pattern.
ClassUtil Deprecated. since 4.3 - see specific methods for replacements.
ConfigUtil Util used to process config files.
ConfigUtil.MapDTDEntityResolver EntityResolver using a Map to resources.
ContentUtil Some easy to use methods to handle with Content objects.
ContentWrapper A base class to implement content wrappers.
CreationDateComparator Compares the creation date of 2 nodes.
CustomFilterConfig Custom FilterConfig for manually initializing filters.
CustomServletConfig Custom ServletConfig for manually initializing servlets.
DateUtil Util to format and parse dates.
DelayedExecutor There are many places where we like to delay an execution (in case of a serie of fired events).
DeprecationUtil A silly utility class to help marking stuff as deprecated even if they're not used directly (taglib attributes for instance).
DumperUtil Used to dump 1:1 repository content.
ExceptionUtil Util to handle exceptions.
ExclusiveWrite A system wide lock.
ExtendingContentWrapper This wrapper allows extending other nodes (mainly useful to extend configurations).
FactoryUtil Deprecated. since 4.3 - use Components.getComponentProvider().
FactoryUtil.ObservedObjectFactory Deprecated. since 4.3 - use ObservedComponentFactory
HierarchyManagerWrapper A HierarchyManager wrapping an other hierarchy manager.
InheritanceContentWrapper This wrapper inherits content from the parent hierarchy.
LazyContentWrapper Stores an uuid and will re-fetch the node in LazyContentWrapper.getWrappedContent() if the session is closed.
LazyInitPrintWriter Writer that only opens the underlying writer when there is something needed to be written.
LinkUtil Deprecated. use LinkUtil instead
MBeanUtil Util to register MBeans.
MetaDataUtil Util to work with MetaData.
NodeDataStringComparator Compares 2 nodes property of type String.
NodeDataUtil Util to work with NodeData.
NodeDataWrapper Wraps a NodeData to which it delegates.
NodeMapWrapper Wrapper for a content Node which exposes a Map interface, used to access its content using jstl.
NodeNameComparator Compares 2 nodes by their name.
NodeTypeFilter A Content.ContentFilter filtering on node types.
ObservationUtil Util to register JCR observations.
ObservationUtil.DeferringEventListener A listener using an ObservationUtil.ObservationBasedDelayedExecutor.
ObservationUtil.ListBasedEventIterator List based event iterator.
ObservationUtil.ObservationBasedDelayedExecutor Deferred event handling.
OrderedProperties Subclass of java.util.Properties which keeps the order in which properties were loaded, by delegating to a LinkedHashMap.
PathUtil Utility class used to handle paths for documents in DMS.
QueryUtil Util to execute queries as simple as possible.
RequestDispatchUtil Provides support for a simple syntax form of doing redirects and forwards.
RequestFormUtil Deprecated. since 4.0 - should not be needed anymore since MAGNOLIA-2449 - request parameters should be correctly wrapped.
RequestHeaderUtil Util to work with HTTP headers.
Resource Deprecated. since 4.0 - use Resource if you really have to, but it is deprecated and will eventually be dropped.
Rule This class defines the rules to be used by the activation content aggregator this is simply a collection of node types.
RuleBasedContentFilter A ContentFilter using a Rule.
SearchReplace A ContentUtil.Visitor which allows simple search/replace functionality.
SelectorUtil Util to handler selectors.
ServletUtils Utility methods for operations related to Servlet API.
SiblingsHelper A utility class to navigate amongst the siblings of a given node.
SimpleUrlPattern An implementation of URLPattern which matches strings using simple * or ? wildcards.
StringLengthComparator A simple comparator that compares to String lengths.
SystemContentWrapper A lazy content wrapper reading from the node using the LifeTimeJCRSessionUtil.
UnicodeNormalizer A wrapper around java.text.Normalizer and; uses the former if present, or none if none is present.
UnicodeNormalizer.AutoDetectNormalizer Tries to load the normalizer dynamically and respects the property SystemProperty.MAGNOLIA_UTF8_ENABLED.
UnicodeNormalizer.ICUNormalizer Uses to normalize the string.
UnicodeNormalizer.Java6ReflectionNormalizer This uses reflection, since we're still compiling with Java 5.
UnicodeNormalizer.NonNormalizer Returns the original value unchanged.
UrlPattern.MatchAllPattern A default implementation with matches any input.
UrlPatternDelegate An implementation of PatternDelegate that evaluates as condition a request uri patter or a hostname pattern.
WebXmlUtil Contains utility methods to register or check for the existence of elements in web.xml.
WorkspaceAccessUtil This class replaces SessionStore and provide generic methods to create Magnolia specific JCR-workspace access objects.
WorkspaceXmlUtil Contains utility methods to check workspace.xml.

Enum Summary
DispatcherType Enumeration of dispatcher types, matches the semantics for filter mappings in web.xml.

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