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Uses of MgnlCommand in info.magnolia.commands.impl

Subclasses of MgnlCommand in info.magnolia.commands.impl
 class LogCommand
          Command outputting the value of "message" property into current log file.

Uses of MgnlCommand in info.magnolia.module.admininterface.commands

Subclasses of MgnlCommand in info.magnolia.module.admininterface.commands
 class ActivationCommand
          the activation command which do real activation
 class BaseActivationCommand
 class BaseRepositoryCommand
 class DeactivationCommand
          the deactivation command which do real deactivation
 class DeleteCommand
          the command to delete one node
 class MarkNodeAsDeletedCommand
 class MessageCommand
          A command setting a message using the AlertUtil
 class RuleBasedCommand
 class VersionCommand
          Creates a version for the passed path in the website repository.

Uses of MgnlCommand in info.magnolia.module.cache.commands

Subclasses of MgnlCommand in info.magnolia.module.cache.commands
 class FlushCachesCommand
          Command to completely flush all available caches.
 class FlushFromCachesByUUIDCommand
          Command to completely flush all entries related to given uuid from all available caches.
 class FlushNamedCacheCommand
          Command to flush a cache by name.

Uses of MgnlCommand in info.magnolia.module.workflow.commands

Subclasses of MgnlCommand in info.magnolia.module.workflow.commands
 class ActivationFlowCommand
          The activation command which will launch a flow to do scheduled activation by "sleep" functionality of owfe.
 class FlowCommand
          Base command class for starting workflows.
 class PathMappedFlowCommand
          Map paths to workflows.

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