Package info.magnolia.context

Interface Summary
AttributeStrategy Contract for attribute storage and management.
Context This interface defines all the methods which should be implemented by any configured magnolia context.
MgnlContext.Op<T,E extends Throwable> A simple execution interface to be used with the doInSystemContext method.
MgnlContext.SystemContextOperation Deprecated. since 4.2 - use the Op interface, which can return values, or extend VoidOp.
RepositoryAcquiringStrategy Contract for repository access providers.
SystemContext This context is a system wide context with full access.
ThreadDependentSystemContext Some implementations of the system context release resources when a thread is not used anymore.
UserContext User aware context.
WebContext Context interface specialized for servlet requests; knows about HttpServletRequest/HttpServletResponse.

Class Summary
AbstractContext Default implementation of the Context interface.
AbstractMapBasedContext This is a simple Map based implementation.
AbstractRepositoryStrategy Basic implementation of the RepositoryAcquiringStrategy providing storage of JCR sessions and hierarchy manager instances to extending classes.
AbstractSystemContext This is the system context using the not secured HierarchyManagers.
ContextDecorator Subclass this context if you like to decorate an other context.
ContextFactory Default context provider.
DefaultRepositoryStrategy Uses a user based access manager.
JCRSessionPerThreadSystemContext A system context which creates JCR sessions per thread (request).
LifeTimeJCRSessionUtil Returns HierarchyManagers which use a life time session.
MapAttributeStrategy Hashtable based implementation of the AttributeStrategy.
MgnlContext This class allows obtaining of the current Request without passing the request around the world.
MgnlContext.VoidOp An Op that does not return values and can only throw RuntimeExceptions.
RequestAttributeStrategy An AttributeStrategy which delegates to the given WebContext's request.
SimpleContext Simple context delegating methods to the thread local context.
SingleJCRSessionSystemContext All Threads share the same jcr sessions.
SystemRepositoryStrategy Uses a single full access AccessManager.
UserContextImpl User aware context implementation able to release and discard all kept info upon user logout.
WebContextImpl Context implementation keeping track of the current request, response, servletContext and pageContext.

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