Class Bootstrapper

  extended by info.magnolia.importexport.Bootstrapper

public final class Bootstrapper
extends Object

Bootstrapper: loads content from xml when a magnolia is started with an uninitialized repository.

$Revision: 41137 $ ($Author: gjoseph $)
Fabrizio Giustina

Nested Class Summary
static interface Bootstrapper.BootstrapFilter
          Filter used to provide an additional filtering for the bootstrap files.
Method Summary
static void bootstrapRepositories(String[] bootdirs, Bootstrapper.BootstrapFilter filter)
          Repositories appears to be empty and the "magnolia.bootstrap.dir directory is configured in web.xml.
static boolean bootstrapRepository(String[] bootdirs, String repositoryName, Bootstrapper.BootstrapFilter filter)
          Bootstrap a specific repository.
static String[] getBootstrapDirs()
          Return the standard bootstrap dirs defined in the file.
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Method Detail


public static void bootstrapRepositories(String[] bootdirs,
                                         Bootstrapper.BootstrapFilter filter)
Repositories appears to be empty and the "magnolia.bootstrap.dir directory is configured in web.xml. Loops over all the repositories and try to load any xml file found in a subdirectory with the same name of the repository. For example the config repository will be initialized using all the *.xml files found in "magnolia.bootstrap.dir/config directory.

bootdirs - bootstrap dir


public static boolean bootstrapRepository(String[] bootdirs,
                                          String repositoryName,
                                          Bootstrapper.BootstrapFilter filter)
Bootstrap a specific repository.


public static String[] getBootstrapDirs()
Return the standard bootstrap dirs defined in the file.

Array of directory names

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