Package info.magnolia.module.admininterface

Interface Summary
AdminTreeConfiguration Used by the tree handler to configure the tree
DialogAwareSaveHandler This save handler needs the dialog to proceed a proper save.
FieldSaveHandler Custom save handler interface.
SaveHandler This class handles the saving in the dialogs.

Class Summary
AbstractTreeConfiguration A base implementation of AdminTreeConfiguration that provides the i18n messages.
AdminInterfaceRenderKit The default render kit for the admin interface
AdminTreeMVCHandler this class wrapes the tree control.
AdminTreeMVCServlet Main admin interface servlet.
DialogHandlerManager Manages all the dialog handlers.
DialogMVCHandler This is the MVCHandler for dialogs.
DialogMVCServlet A servlet which delegates to a DialogMVCHandler retrieved through DialogHandlerManager.
MultiValueSaveHandler Stores NodeData as jcr multi-value property can be used together with DialogMultiSelect.
Navigation This class is used to create the menud
PageHandlerManager Manages the page handlers.
PageHandlerManager.BasePageDefinition This class is used if you want to register a page that is not stored in the repository.
PageMVCHandler This is the MVCHandler for simple pages.
SaveHandlerImpl This class handles the saving in the dialogs.
SimplePageMVCHandler This is a simple default implementation.
TemplatedMVCHandler A default page (handler) using a freemarker template to render.
TreeHandlerManager<H extends AdminTreeMVCHandler>  
UUIDSaveHandler This save handler checks each control if it is implementing the UUIDDialogControl interface.

Exception Summary
InvalidDialogHandlerException Runtime Exception thrown when a dialog handler can't be instantiated.
InvalidDialogPageHandlerException Runtime Exception thrown when a dialog handler can't be instantiated.
InvalidTreeHandlerException Runtime Exception thrown when a tree handler can't be instantiated.

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