Package info.magnolia.module.cache

Interface Summary
BlockingCache Marker interface to expose the fact that this cache will block further calls to Cache.get(Object) until an entry is put into the cache.
BrowserCachePolicy Used to determine if the expiration headers must be set.
Cache A simple interface around 3rd party or custom cache libraries.
CacheFactory Most caching libraries allow the creation of different caches ("zones") in a single application/vm.
CacheModuleLifecycleListener Implementations should register themselves in the appropriate CacheModule instances to get callbacks when the module is restarted.
CachePolicy The CachePolicy determines is a requested page should be cached, retrieved from the cache or not cached at all.
CachePolicyExecutor Executes something based on the outcome of the CachePolicy (store, bypass, server, set expiration headers).
FlushPolicy Implementations determine when and how to flush their cache.

Class Summary
AbstractListeningFlushPolicy Implemenation of the FlushPolicy providing functionality for triggering flush operation based on changes in observed repositories.
BrowserCachePolicyResult Transports the expiration date.
CacheConfiguration Each CacheConfiguration holds a CachePolicy, a FlushPolicy and a BrowserCachePolicy.
CacheModule The CacheModule holds several named CacheConfiguration instances and a CacheFactory.
CachePolicyResult CachePolicy returns instances of this class - depending on the value of the behaviour property, the cacheKey and cachedEntry values might be set or not.
CachePolicyResult.CachePolicyBehaviour Descriptor of the cache policy behavior used by this cache policy result.
ContentCompression Content compression voter configuration bean.
DefaultCacheKey Default cache key implementation.
DelegateFlushPolicy Simple policy that delegates all the requests to any policies added in its policies list.
FlushAllListeningPolicy Simple flush policy that will empty whole cache in case of updates.
RegisterWorkspaceForCacheFlushingTask Adds repository to the list of repositories observed for cache flushing upon activation.

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