Package info.magnolia.module

Interface Summary
InstallContext The InstallContext provides Tasks and install/update UI with methods to log, get content and status.
ModuleLifecycle Manages the lifecyle of an installed instance of a Magnolia Module.
ModuleLifecycleContext This interface currently provides a hook allowing modules to register ObserverManager instances, which can observer other modules' nodes.
ModuleManager ModuleManager is responsible for the lifecycle of modules.
ModuleRegistry Holds instances and definitions of modules.
ModuleVersionHandler This class provides Delta's to be applied to install/update/uninstall modules.

Class Summary
AbstractModuleVersionHandler Extend this and register your deltas in the constructor using the register method.
DefaultModuleVersionHandler A version handler which provides the most common installation tasks: register repositories, nodetypes and workspaces as stated in the module definition, bootstrap the module's mgnl-bootstrap files, extract the module's mgnl-files files, register the module's servlets.
InstallContext.Message Log messages kept in the InstallContext.
InstallContextImpl Default implementation of InstallContext; provided by the ModuleManager.
ModuleLifecycleContextImpl This default implementation of ModuleLifecycleContext allows the ModuleManager to set the current "phase" of installation; other ModuleLifecycleContext clients have read-only access to the phase.
ModuleManager.Factory Use this to retrieve the configured singleton impl of ModuleManager.
ModuleManager.ModuleAndDeltas Represents what's to be done for each module.
ModuleManager.ModuleManagementState Represent what's to be done for all modules.
ModuleManagerImpl TODO where do we setup ModuleRegistry ? TODO : factor out into simpler units.
ModuleRegistry.Factory Use this to retrieve the configured singleton impl of ModuleRegistry.
ModuleRegistryImpl Keeps references to module descriptors and instances.

Enum Summary
InstallContext.MessagePriority Priority for InstallContext.Messages.
InstallStatus An enum identifying the status/result of the install/update in InstallContext.

Exception Summary
ModuleManagementException Thrown by ModuleManager and ModuleDefinitionReader when module definitions can't be loaded.

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