Package info.magnolia.module.templating

Interface Summary
EarlyExecutionAware Implemented by models that want to handle early execution in a separate callback.
ParagraphRenderer An interface to render paragraphs of content.
RenderableDefinition Abstract rendering definition used for templates and paragraphs.
RenderingModel<RD extends RenderableDefinition> A bean tying the current content and the rendering definition.
RenderingModelBasedRenderer Implemented by renderers that uses RenderingModel.
TemplateRenderer A TemplateRenderer implementation is responsible for generating the actual response from request data and a template.

Class Summary
AbstractRenderable Base implementation for paragraph and template definitions.
AbstractRenderer Abstract renderer which can be used to implement paragraph or template renderers.
HTMLEncodingContentWrapper Implementation of wrapped content in HTML format.
HTMLEncodingNodeDataWrapper Implementation of wrapped node data in HTML format.
MagnoliaTemplatingUtilities This is an object exposing a couple of methods useful for templates; it's exposed in templates as "mgnl".
ModelExecutionFilter Filter that executes the model for a paragraph before template rendering.
Paragraph Represents a paragraph definition.
ParagraphManager Manages the paragraphs on the system.
ParagraphRendererManager Manages the paragraph renderers on the system.
ParagraphRenderingFacade Deprecated. since 4.3, use the RenderingEngine instead
RenderingFilter Filter responsible for rendering the current aggregation state, by delegating to the appropriate TemplateRenderer or by serving binary content.
RenderingModelImpl<RD extends RenderableDefinition> The default concrete rendering definition used for templates and paragraphs.
Template Represents a template definition.
TemplateManager Manages the templates of the system.
TemplateRendererManager Manages the template renderers of the system.
TemplatingModule Handles module's lifecycle.

Exception Summary
RenderException A generic exception used by subclasses of AbstractRenderer.

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