Class Classes.ClassFactoryProvider

  extended by info.magnolia.objectfactory.Classes.ClassFactoryProvider
Enclosing class:

protected static class Classes.ClassFactoryProvider
extends Object

ClassFactoryProvider is used to hide the "swapability" of ClassFactory. This current implementation checks the current instance versus the configured property on every call. TODO : This could possibly be optimized or "blocked" as soon as we can now this property has indeed been configured. I don't think the above would be interesting until we can do some refactoring of the ConfigLoader, PropertiesInitializer and SystemProperty classes.

Constructor Summary
Classes.ClassFactoryProvider(ClassFactory initial)
Method Summary
 ClassFactory current()
protected  String getCurrentlyConfiguredClassName()
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Constructor Detail


public Classes.ClassFactoryProvider(ClassFactory initial)
Method Detail


public ClassFactory current()


protected String getCurrentlyConfiguredClassName()

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