Package info.magnolia.setup.for3_5

Class Summary
AddURIPermissionsToAllRoles Adds URI permissions to all roles.
CheckAndUpdateExistingFilters Checks for modifications between current filter configuration and the 3.0 default configuration.
CheckAndUpdateSecureURIs Checks for modifications between current secureURI configuration and the 3.0 default configuration.
CheckAndUpdateUnsecureURIs Transforms unsecured URIs into bypasses of uriSecurity filter.
GenericTasks This class just groups all tasks which are need to update to Magnolia 3.5, in order to cleanup CoreModuleVersionHandler.
IPConfigRulesUpdate Updates pre 3.5 IP configuration rules to the format used since 3.5.
LoginAuthTypePropertyMovedToFilter Updates authentication type configuration.
LoginFormPropertyMovedToFilter Updates login form location.
MigrateFilterConfiguration Updates location and configuration of filters.
MoveMagnoliaUsersToRealmFolder A task which moves existing users to the /admin realm folder.
ReconfigureCommands Updates command configuration to make them suitable for loading by c2b.
RemoveModuleDescriptorDetailsFromRepo Cleanup module description.
RenamedRenderersToTemplateRenderers Rename renderers to mach name used since 3.5.
UpdateI18nConfiguration Updates pre 3.5 internationalization configuration to the format used since 3.5.
UpdateURI2RepositoryMappings Updates format of URI2Repository mappings to format used since 3.5.
UpdateURIMappings Updates virtualURIMappings to the format suitable for c2b.
WarnIgnoredModuleFilters Checks if installed modules contain filter definitions and if so warns on installation with an appropriate message.

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