Class Summary
AbstractBoolVoter Used to create boolean voters which can't return integer values.
AndVoting Return the maximum vote but only if all voters voted positive.
AuthenticatedVoter Checks if the current user is authenticated.
BasePatternVoter Voters which uses the urls to match against the pattern.
BaseVoterImpl Abstract voter.
DelegateVoter Check a magnolia system delegatePath.
DontDispatchOnForwardAttributeVoter Deprecated. since 4.4, use WebContainerResources instead
ExtensionVoter Parameters (as Magnolia's configuration nodes): allow: comma separated lists of allowed extensions.
FalseVoter Returns false.
ForwardVoter This voter returns true if the request has been forwarded.
IfVoter Conditional voter.
InverseVoter Inverses the returned value of the wrapped voter.
NotVoter Does invert the boolean outcome of a voter.
OnAdminVoter Checks if the admin flag (config:/server/admin) is set.
OrVoting Returns the first positive vote.
PropertyVoter Checks if the named Magnolia property has the expected value.
RequestHasParametersVoter Checks if the request used the "POST" method or if there are request parameters.
ResponseContentTypeVoter A voter which checks the content type set on the response object against a list of allowed and/or rejected content types.
TrueVoter Used to set a default not 0 outcome value.
URIPatternVoter Checks if URI matches the pattern.
URIRegexVoter A voter taking a plain regex pattern which has to matched against the current uri.
URIStartsWithVoter Checks if the URI starts with the given pattern.
UserAgentVoter A voter which checks the user agent header in request object against a list of allowed and/or rejected user agents.
VoterSet Can take a set of voters.
VoterSetTransformer Omit the voters child node.

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