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Uses of ContentHandler in info.magnolia.cms.core

Subclasses of ContentHandler in info.magnolia.cms.core
 class AbstractContent
          A base class by implementing some default behavior.
 class DefaultContent
          Default, JCR-based, implementation of Content.

Uses of ContentHandler in info.magnolia.cms.core.version

Subclasses of ContentHandler in info.magnolia.cms.core.version
 class ContentVersion
          Wraps a versioned node (frozen node) and allows traversing the hierarchy as if the node where in the original place.

Uses of ContentHandler in info.magnolia.cms.i18n

Subclasses of ContentHandler in info.magnolia.cms.i18n
 class I18nContentWrapper
          A ContentWrapper implementation which knows about I18nContentSupport.

Uses of ContentHandler in info.magnolia.cms.taglibs

Subclasses of ContentHandler in info.magnolia.cms.taglibs
 class SetNode.NodeMapWrapper
          Deprecated. use info.magnolia.cms.util.NodeMapWrapper instead

Uses of ContentHandler in info.magnolia.cms.util

Subclasses of ContentHandler in info.magnolia.cms.util
 class ContentWrapper
          A base class to implement content wrappers.
 class ExtendingContentWrapper
          This wrapper allows extending other nodes (mainly useful to extend configurations).
 class InheritanceContentWrapper
          This wrapper inherits content from the parent hierarchy.
 class LazyContentWrapper
          Stores an uuid and will re-fetch the node in LazyContentWrapper.getWrappedContent() if the session is closed.
 class NodeMapWrapper
          Wrapper for a content Node which exposes a Map interface, used to access its content using jstl.
 class SystemContentWrapper
          A lazy content wrapper reading from the node using the LifeTimeJCRSessionUtil.

Uses of ContentHandler in info.magnolia.module.templating

Subclasses of ContentHandler in info.magnolia.module.templating
 class HTMLEncodingContentWrapper
          Implementation of wrapped content in HTML format.

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