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Packages that use MgnlFilter
info.magnolia.cms.i18n Login handlers and filters 

Uses of MgnlFilter in info.magnolia.cms.filters

Classes in info.magnolia.cms.filters that implement MgnlFilter
 class AbstractMgnlFilter
          A magnolia filter configured in the config repository.
 class AggregatorFilter
          Reads the accessed content from the repository and puts it into the AggregationState.
 class BackwardCompatibilityFilter
          Deprecated. since 4.3
 class CompositeFilter
          A single filter which in turn executes a chain of other filters.
 class ContentTypeFilter
          TODO : rename this filter.
 class ContextFilter
          This class initializes the current context and configures MDC logging.
 class CosMultipartRequestFilter
          Processes multipart post requests (fileuploads).
 class FilterDecorator
          Used to decorate a normal (not magnolia) filter.
 class HostSecurityFilter
           A filter that hides urls dependending on the request host name.
 class InstallFilter
          Filter responsible for executing the update/install mechanism.
 class InterceptFilter
          Handle intercepted administrative requests.
 class MultipartRequestFilter
          A Filter that determines if a HttpServletRequest contains multipart content and if so parses it into a request attribute for further processing.
 class OncePerRequestAbstractMgnlFilter
          A base abstract class for filters that should not be executed more than once for each request.
 class RangeSupportFilter
          This filter will process any incoming requests containing Range or If-Range headers and swallow all produced output except for that matching the requested range.
 class RepositoryMappingFilter
          Maps a URI to content stored in the repository.
 class ServletDispatchingFilter
          A filter that dispatches requests to a wrapped servlet.
 class UnicodeNormalizationFilter
          Normalizes the current URI to the NFC form which is used internally.
 class VirtualUriFilter
          Handle redirects configured using VirtualURIMappings.

Methods in info.magnolia.cms.filters that return MgnlFilter
protected  MgnlFilter MgnlMainFilter.createSystemUIFilter()
          Initializes the required filter(s) if we need to go through SystemUI initialization screens.
 MgnlFilter[] CompositeFilter.getFilters()
 MgnlFilter MgnlMainFilter.getRootFilter()

Methods in info.magnolia.cms.filters with parameters of type MgnlFilter
 void CompositeFilter.addFilter(MgnlFilter filter)

Constructors in info.magnolia.cms.filters with parameters of type MgnlFilter
MgnlFilterChain(javax.servlet.FilterChain originalChain, MgnlFilter[] filters)

Uses of MgnlFilter in info.magnolia.cms.i18n

Classes in info.magnolia.cms.i18n that implement MgnlFilter
 class I18nContentSupportFilter
          Rewrites the i18n uris and sets the current locale.

Uses of MgnlFilter in

Classes in that implement MgnlFilter
 class BaseSecurityFilter
          Provides basic infrastructure to authenticate request using form or basic realm.
 class ContentSecurityFilter
          Used to check if the user can read the requested content.
 class LogoutFilter
          Performing the logout operation if the parameter "mgnlLogout" is present.
 class URISecurityFilter
          This Filter protects URI as defined by ROLE(s)/GROUP(s) ACL.

Uses of MgnlFilter in

Classes in that implement MgnlFilter
 class LoginFilter
          Performs a login operation.

Uses of MgnlFilter in info.magnolia.debug

Classes in info.magnolia.debug that implement MgnlFilter
 class DumpHeadersFilter
          A Filter which dumps the headers for the request and the response.
 class PerformanceTestFilter
          Logs whatever has been recorded with the PerformanceTestStatus.
 class SessionDebugger
          A Filter and Listener that can help debugging session issues.

Uses of MgnlFilter in info.magnolia.module.cache.filter

Classes in info.magnolia.module.cache.filter that implement MgnlFilter
 class CacheFilter
          Uses the CachePolicy to determine the cache behavior.
 class CacheHeadersFilter
           Filter that sets cache headers, allowing or dening cache at client-side.
 class GZipFilter
          This GZipFilter does not take care of the Accept-Encoding request header.
 class StandaloneGZipFilter
          This subclass of GZipFilter is meant to be used when no CacheFilter is present: it checks if the client accepts gzip'd responses.

Uses of MgnlFilter in info.magnolia.module.exchangesimple

Classes in info.magnolia.module.exchangesimple that implement MgnlFilter
 class ReceiveFilter
          This filter receives activation requests from another instance and applies them.

Uses of MgnlFilter in info.magnolia.module.samples.filters

Classes in info.magnolia.module.samples.filters that implement MgnlFilter
 class SampleFilter
          This is a very simple filter bootstrapped at setup using the file mgnl-bootstrap/samples/config.server.filters.sample.xml (server/filters/sample).

Uses of MgnlFilter in info.magnolia.module.templating

Classes in info.magnolia.module.templating that implement MgnlFilter
 class ModelExecutionFilter
          Filter that executes the model for a paragraph before template rendering.
 class RenderingFilter
          Filter responsible for rendering the current aggregation state, by delegating to the appropriate TemplateRenderer or by serving binary content.

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