Package info.magnolia.cms.taglibs

Interface Summary
BarTag Interface for bar tags.

Class Summary
AdminOnly Everything between adminOnly tags will only be shown on an authoring instance, not on a public instance.
Attribute Adds an attribute to the request within an includeTemplate tag.
BaseConditionalContentTag Base class for implementing conditional tags (e.g.
BaseContentTag Base class for implementing content tags (e.g.
ButtonTag Adds a button to a parent bar.
CmsFunctions Useful EL functions that can be used in jsp 2.0 pages.
ContentNodeIterator Iterate over contentNode collection.
EditBar Displays Magnolia editBar which allows you to edit a paragraph.
EditButton Displays an edit button.
IfEmpty This is exactly the opposite of the ifNotEmpty tag.
IfExisting This is exactly the opposite of the ifNotExisting Tag.
IfFirstContentNode Checks if the current container is first in the collection.
IfLastContentNode Checks if the current container is last in collection.
IfNotEmpty Evaluates the body only if a container exitsts and / or the corresponding atom exists and is not empty.
IfNotExisting Evaluates the body only if a container and / or the corresponding atom does not exist.
Include Delegates to an appropriate ParagraphRenderer, or include a JSP.
LinksTag Adds the needed css and js links for magnolia edit controls.
LoadPage Loads another page into actpage.
LoadPagePath Sub tag of loadPage, its body contains the path of the page to load.
MainBar Displays the mainBar, i.e.
NewBar Displays a newBar that allows you to create new paragraphs.
Out Writes out the content of a nodeData or - for nodeData of type binary - information of the nodeData.
PageIterator Iterates over a Content (page) collection.
PublicOnly Everything between publicOnly tags will only be shown on the public instance.
QueryTag Executes a query on a Magnolia repository.
Resource Deprecated. since 4.0 - should not be used.
Set Set contentNode in resource.
SetNode Exposes a content node to the pagecontext as a Map of nodeData, in order to access the exposed object using JSTL.
UnloadPage The unloadPage tag will restore actpage to the currently displayed page.
UserTag Set the current user ( into a pageContext variable.

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