Package info.magnolia.module.cache.filter

Interface Summary
CachedEntry A cached entry used to store content produced by the filter chain.

Class Summary
CachedError Contract for cached errors providing access to the error codes.
CachedRedirect Cached redirect contract providing access to the status code and target location.
CacheFilter Uses the CachePolicy to determine the cache behavior.
CacheHeadersFilter Filter that sets cache headers, allowing or dening cache at client-side.
CacheResponseWrapper A response wrapper which records the status, headers and content.
ContentCachedEntry Wraps a page response.
DelegatingBlobCachedEntry Used for big files.
GZipFilter This GZipFilter does not take care of the Accept-Encoding request header.
InMemoryCachedEntry Cache entry keeping the content in memory.
ResponseExpirationCalculator Calculates how long a shared cache may hold a response based on its response headers.
SimpleServletOutputStream Servlet output stream implementation.
StandaloneGZipFilter This subclass of GZipFilter is meant to be used when no CacheFilter is present: it checks if the client accepts gzip'd responses.

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