Uses of Interface

Packages that use ModuleLifecycle
info.magnolia.setup This package contains the classes necessary to install and update Magnolia's core module. 

Uses of ModuleLifecycle in info.magnolia.module.admininterface

Classes in info.magnolia.module.admininterface that implement ModuleLifecycle
 class AdminInterfaceModule

Uses of ModuleLifecycle in info.magnolia.module.cache

Classes in info.magnolia.module.cache that implement ModuleLifecycle
 class CacheModule
          The CacheModule holds several named CacheConfiguration instances and a CacheFactory.

Uses of ModuleLifecycle in info.magnolia.module.mail

Classes in info.magnolia.module.mail that implement ModuleLifecycle
 class MailModule
          Mail module.

Uses of ModuleLifecycle in info.magnolia.module.samples

Classes in info.magnolia.module.samples that implement ModuleLifecycle
 class SamplesModule
          This is the configuration class of the samples module, it can implement ModuleLifecycle it there are some tasks to perform when starting/stopping the module.

Uses of ModuleLifecycle in info.magnolia.module.templating

Classes in info.magnolia.module.templating that implement ModuleLifecycle
 class TemplatingModule
          Handles module's lifecycle.

Uses of ModuleLifecycle in info.magnolia.module.workflow

Classes in info.magnolia.module.workflow that implement ModuleLifecycle
 class WorkflowModule
          Module "workflow" entry class.

Uses of ModuleLifecycle in info.magnolia.setup

Classes in info.magnolia.setup that implement ModuleLifecycle
 class CoreModule
          Core module life cycle class.

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