Class HTMLEncodingContentWrapper

  extended by info.magnolia.cms.core.ContentHandler
      extended by info.magnolia.cms.core.AbstractContent
          extended by info.magnolia.cms.util.ContentWrapper
              extended by info.magnolia.module.templating.HTMLEncodingContentWrapper
All Implemented Interfaces:
Content, Cloneable

public class HTMLEncodingContentWrapper
extends ContentWrapper

Implementation of wrapped content in HTML format.

$Id: 32669 2010-03-13 00:53:19Z gjoseph $

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Constructor Summary
HTMLEncodingContentWrapper(Content wrappedContent, boolean transformLineBreaks)
Method Summary
 NodeData getNodeData(String name)
          Returns a NodeData object.
 String getTitle()
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Constructor Detail


public HTMLEncodingContentWrapper(Content wrappedContent,
                                  boolean transformLineBreaks)
Method Detail


public String getTitle()
Specified by:
getTitle in interface Content
getTitle in class ContentWrapper
String, title


public NodeData getNodeData(String name)
Description copied from class: AbstractContent
Returns a NodeData object. If the node data does not exist (respectively if it has no value) an empty representation is returned whose NodeData.isExist() will return false. Delegates to AbstractContent.newNodeDataInstance(String, int, boolean) by setting the type to PropertyType.UNDEFINED. A subclass has to handle this by trying to determine the type if the node data exists. The reason for this is that implementations want to instantiate different node data classes per type

Specified by:
getNodeData in interface Content
getNodeData in class AbstractContent
NodeData requested NodeData object

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