Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
magnolia-ui-api -
magnolia-ui-vaadin-common-widgets -
magnolia-ui-vaadin-theme -
magnolia-ui-mediaeditor -
Magnolia UI Framework 5.0 Compatibility The Magnolia UI Framework 5.0 Compatibility module assists developers porting their Magnolia 5 apps and integrations to the latest platform.
magnolia-ui-actionbar -
magnolia-ui-contentapp -
magnolia-ui-dialog -
magnolia-ui-form -
magnolia-ui-imageprovider -
magnolia-ui-workbench -
magnolia-ui-vaadin-integration -
Magnolia UI Framework The Magnolia UI Framework helps developers create outstanding Magnolia apps and integrations.
Magnolia UI JCR integration The Magnolia UI JCR integration modules provides JCR implementations for the Magnolia UI components.
Magnolia Resurface Theme The Magnolia Resurface theme provides the Resurface design language to Vaadin apps.
Magnolia Admincentral The Magnolia Admincentral helps authors and developers create outstanding content experiences.
Magnolia Admincentral 5.0 Compatibility -
magnolia-about-app The about app shows an overview of the instance version, environment and license information.
magnolia-sample-app -
magnolia-messages-app -
magnolia-security-app -
magnolia-tasks-app -
magnolia-jcr-browser-app -
Magnolia UI test webapp The UI test webapp is a development sandbox to help developing Magnolia's Vaadin components and theme.