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Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
magnolia-empty-webapp The basic Magnolia webapp on which projects can depend.
magnolia-bundled-webapp Magnolia pre-installed with DAM and STK.
magnolia-integration-tests-framework Provides a little framework for Magnolia integration tests. Provides utility classes and tools for both fixture modules (i.e fixture modules installed in the Magnolia instance under test), and test packages (i.e abstract classes to make test writing simpler)
magnolia-integration-tests-fixture-module -
magnolia-module-servlet-sanity This module is a series of tests that makes sure that request wrappers work as they should. A number of URLs are exposed, to be validated by tests. See README.txt for details.
magnolia-test-webapp A Magnolia instance used for testing.
magnolia-integration-tests -
magnolia-integration-tests-parent -
magnolia-tomcat-bundle Magnolia bundled with Apache Tomcat