JAAS and Client callbacks


Interface Summary
ClientCallback Deprecated. since 4.0 - this was never used
HttpClientCallback Use to prompt the user for user name and password.

Class Summary
AbstractHttpClientCallback Tells the client that he has to login by setting the response status to HttpServletResponse.SC_UNAUTHORIZED.
Base64CallbackHandler Base 64 callback handler supporting Basic authentication.
BasicClientCallback Uses HTTP basic authentication mechanism to tell the client that he has to login.
CompositeCallback A simple "composite" callback that delegates to other callbacks based on rules (a list of PatternDelegate).
CredentialsCallbackHandler A JAAS CallbackHandler using plain text passwords.
FormClientCallback Sends a login form.
PlainTextCallbackHandler Plain text callback handler supporting Form based authentication.
RealmCallback The JCR JAAS module uses this callback to get the realm we login into.
RedirectClientCallback An HttpClientCallback implementation which redirects to a configured path or URL.
UserCallback Used to transport the created User object back.

Package Description

JAAS and Client callbacks

This package contains implementation of the JAAS and Client callbacks - ClientCallback -

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