Interface Summary
Condition Conditions are checked prior to the installation or update of a module.
Delta A Delta represents the differences from one version of a module to another.
Task A Task represents an atomic operation to be performed when installing, updating or uninstalling a module, as part of a Delta.

Class Summary
AbstractCondition Base for Conditions, providing name and description.
AbstractConditionalRepositoryTask An abstract implementation of a RepositoryTask that only needs to be executed when a specific node is not found in the repository.
AbstractRepositoryTask An abstract implementation of AbstractTask which simply wraps the execute call in a try/catch block, avoiding many verbose and irrelevant code lines in actual tasks, leaving room for smarter and more interesting exception handling, when they can actually be handled.
AbstractTask Abstract implementation of the Task interface which handles the mandatory properties name and description.
AddGroupToGroupTask A task to nest a group inside another, using GroupManager.
AddMimeMappingTask Task that adds a mime mapping to server/MIMEMapping.
AddPermissionTask A task to add a permission to a role, using RoleManager.
AddRoleToGroupTask A task to add a role to a group, using GroupManager.
AddRoleToUserTask A task to add a role to a user, using UserManager.
AddURIPermissionTask Adds a URI permission to a role.
AddUserToGroupTask A task to add a user to a group, using UserManager.
AddUserToRoleTask Deprecated. since 4.3.7, use AddRoleToUserTask.
AllChildrenNodesOperation This task executes the abstract method on every child node.
AllModulesNodeOperation An abstract that will perform an operation on all modules node found in the configuration repository.
ArrayDelegateTask A task that simply delegates to an array of other tasks.
BackupTask Backs up a node in the same workspace under a specific backup path.
BootstrapConditionally A Task which bootstraps if the node targeted by the bootstrap file does not exist.
BootstrapFileUtil Util class to extract nodes, properties from bootstrap files.
BootstrapResourcesTask Base class for tasks which bootstrap resources.
BootstrapSingleModuleResource Bootstraps a classpath resources relative to the module's bootstrap folder: /mgnl-bootstrap/<module-name>>.
BootstrapSingleResource A Task which bootstraps a single file.
BootstrapSingleResourceAndOrderBefore Bootstrap a single file, and places the bootstrapped node.
ChangeNodeTypeTask Changes a node type by delegating to ContentUtil.changeNodeType(Content, ItemType, boolean) with the last parameter set to false.
CheckAndModifyPropertyValueTask If the specified property (NodeData) has the expected value, then it will be replaced by the new value.
CheckOrCreatePropertyTask Sets the specified property with a new value or creates the property with the new value.
ChildrenExistsDelegateTask A task that delegates to another depending on existence of children.
ConditionalDelegateTask A task that delegates to another if a condition is true, or to an optional other if it is false.
CopyNodeTask Copies a node by performing a in session copy operation.
CopyOrReplaceNodePropertiesTask Copies a node's properties to another node.
CreateNodePathTask A Task to create a full path, i.e the parent doesn't need to exist.
CreateNodeTask Creates a node in the given parent with the given name and type.
DeltaBuilder Helper class to build Delta instances.
FalseCondition A Condition which always return false.
FilterOrderingTask Orders a filter after a given set of other filters.
IsAuthorInstanceDelegateTask A task that depends on the value of the /server/admin config value.
IsInstallSamplesTask A Task which delegates depending on the magnolia.bootstrap.samples property.
IsModuleInstalledOrRegistered A Task which delegates depending on the existence of a module.
ModuleBootstrapTask A task to bootstrap a module.
ModuleDependencyBootstrapTask A Task which will bootstrap files if an optional module is installed or registered: any resource under "/info/magnolia/module/moduleName/setup/dependencyName".
ModuleFilesExtraction A task which extracts all files for a module.
MoveAndRenamePropertyTask A task to move and rename properties, taking default values into account.
MoveNodeTask This task moves a specified Node to a new destination.
NewPropertyTask Creates a new property.
NodeCheckDelegateTask A task that delegates to another if a checkNode is true, or to an optional other if it is false.
NodeExistsDelegateTask A task that delegates to another depending on whether a specified node exists or not.
OrderNodeAfterTask Orders a node after the specified sibling node.
OrderNodeBeforeTask Orders a node before the specified sibling node.
PartialBootstrapTask This task is used to bootstrap a part of a file.
PropertiesImportTask A Task which will import nodes and properties using a .properties file.
PropertyExistsDelegateTask A task that delegates to another depending on whether a specified property exists or not.
PropertyValueDelegateTask A task which delegates to another if a property has a given value.
PropertyValuesTask A tasks that offers helper methods to check on certain properties.
QueryTask An abstract task to perform operations on nodes returned by a given query.
RegisterModuleServletsTask Reads the servlets to register from the module descriptor.
RegisterServletTask Registers a servlet definition from a module descriptor into the /server/filters/servlets node.
RemoveNodeTask Removes the specified node.
RemoveNodeWoChildren A task that removes node if that has no children.
RemovePermissionTask A task to remove a permission from a role, using RoleManager.
RemovePropertyTask Removes a property and optionally logs its absence.
ReplaceIfExistsTask A task which replaces a node by bootstrapping a file, only if it exists.
SamplesBootstrapTask A task which bootstraps the module's content under /mgnl-bootstrap-samples/ if the magnolia.bootstrap.samples property is set the true.
SetPropertyTask Sets a new value for a property.
SetupModuleRepositoriesTask Bootstrap empty repositories for the current module.
TrueCondition A Condition which always return true.
WarnCondition Similar to the WarnTask, WarnCondition will always pass (return true) but will log a warning message in the InstallContext.
WarnTask A task which does nothing else than logging a warning message.
WebXmlConditionsUtil A utility class for web.xml related conditions, which will add conditions to a given list of tasks based on some conditions.
WorkspaceXmlConditionsUtil A utility class for workspace.xml related conditions, which will add conditions to a given list of tasks based on some conditions.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
TaskExecutionException An exception thrown when a task can not be executed and can not be recovered from.

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