Interface VirtualURIMapping

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DefaultVirtualURIMapping, HostBasedVirtualURIMapping, RegexpVirtualURIMapping, RotatingVirtualURIMapping

public interface VirtualURIMapping

VirtualURIMapping implementations are used by VirtualURIManager and VirtualUriFilter to transform incoming URI requests.

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Nested Class Summary
static class VirtualURIMapping.MappingResult
          Mapping information returned by mapURI(String).
Method Summary
 VirtualURIMapping.MappingResult mapURI(String uri)
          Maps an incoming URI to a new target URI.

Method Detail


VirtualURIMapping.MappingResult mapURI(String uri)
Maps an incoming URI to a new target URI. Returns a VirtualURIMapping.MappingResult describing the new URI and the level of match. The new URI can be prefixed with "redirect:", "permanent:" or "forward:" to trigger either a temporary redirect, a permanent redirect or a forward respectively. For redirects the URI can be absolute or relative within the web application (the context path is added automatically). If the mapping does not apply to the input URI this method returns null.

uri - the URI of the current request, decoded and without the context path
a VirtualURIMapping.MappingResult with the target URI and level or null if the mapping doesn't apply

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