Uses of Interface

Packages that use Control

Uses of Control in info.magnolia.cms.gui.control

Classes in info.magnolia.cms.gui.control that implement Control
 class Bar
 class Button
 class ButtonSet
 class ContextMenu
          This class encapsulates the context menu, used in the tree.
 class ContextMenuItem
 class ControlImpl
 class Edit
 class File
 class FreemarkerControl
          Class for a generic control renderered by freemarker.
 class FunctionBar
          The bar containing function buttons and the search field.
 class FunctionBarItem
          Represents an item in the function bar.
 class Hidden
          Hidden field.
 class Password
          Password field.
 class Radio
 class Select
 class SelectOption
 class Tree
 class TreeColumn

Uses of Control in info.magnolia.cms.gui.i18n

Methods in info.magnolia.cms.gui.i18n that return Control
 Control I18nAuthoringSupport.getLanguageChooser()
          The language chooser, if not null, will be displayed in the main bar
 Control DefaultI18nAuthoringSupport.getLanguageChooser()

Uses of Control in info.magnolia.cms.gui.inline

Classes in info.magnolia.cms.gui.inline that implement Control
 class BarEdit
 class BarMain
 class BarNew
 class ButtonEdit

Methods in info.magnolia.cms.gui.inline that return Control
 Control BarMain.getLanguageChooser()

Methods in info.magnolia.cms.gui.inline with parameters of type Control
 void BarMain.setLanguageChooser(Control languageChooser)

Uses of Control in info.magnolia.module.admininterface.trees

Classes in info.magnolia.module.admininterface.trees that implement Control
 class TemplateColumn

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