Class I18nContentWrapper

  extended by info.magnolia.cms.core.ContentHandler
      extended by info.magnolia.cms.core.AbstractContent
          extended by info.magnolia.cms.util.ContentWrapper
              extended by info.magnolia.cms.i18n.I18nContentWrapper
All Implemented Interfaces:
Content, Cloneable

public class I18nContentWrapper
extends ContentWrapper

A ContentWrapper implementation which knows about I18nContentSupport.

$Id: 41137 2011-01-06 18:19:25Z gjoseph $
See Also:
I18nContentSupport, ContentWrapper

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Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
I18nContentWrapper(Content node)
Method Summary
 NodeData newNodeDataInstance(String name, int type, boolean createIfNotExisting)
          As defined in Content.getNodeData(String) this method always returns a node data object.
protected  Content wrap(Content node)
          Override if a wrapper wants to wrap returned content objects.
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Constructor Detail


public I18nContentWrapper(Content node)
Method Detail


public NodeData newNodeDataInstance(String name,
                                    int type,
                                    boolean createIfNotExisting)
                             throws AccessDeniedException,
Description copied from class: AbstractContent
As defined in Content.getNodeData(String) this method always returns a node data object. If the type is PropertyType.UNDEFINED the implementation should check if the node data exists and determine the type to use.

newNodeDataInstance in class ContentWrapper
createIfNotExisting - if false an empty non-mutable node data will be returned if the node data doesn't exist otherwise a mutable nodedata object is returned (depending on the type)


protected Content wrap(Content node)
Description copied from class: ContentWrapper
Override if a wrapper wants to wrap returned content objects. This method is called by getContent(), getParent(), ... The default implementation does nothing.

wrap in class ContentWrapper

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