Package info.magnolia.content2bean

Interface Summary
Bean2ContentProcessor Transforms beans to nodes.
Bean2ContentTransformer Used to create content nodes.
Content2BeanProcessor Transforms nodes to beans or maps.
Content2BeanTransformer Contract for transformation from content to java beans.
TransformationState This state contains three stacks.
TypeMapping Contract for mapping of the type and its properties to appropriate java beans.

Class Summary
Bean2ContentProcessor.Factory Creates singleton instance of the bean2content processor.
Content2BeanProcessor.Factory Creates a singleton instance of the content2bean processor.
Content2BeanTransformer.Factory Creates singleton instance of content2bean transformer.
Content2BeanUtil Utility class for content to bean transformations.
Content2BeanUtil.DefaultClassTransformer Provide a default class.
PropertyTypeDescriptor Describes a property.
TypeDescriptor Describes the type under the transformation.
TypeMapping.Factory Get the default transformer.

Exception Summary
Content2BeanException Exception thrown during execution of content to bean transformation.

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