Interface Summary
LinkTransformer Implementing classes declare the intent of translating Magnolia UUID links to desired output like absolute, relative or other special kinds of links.

Class Summary
AbsolutePathTransformer Creates links with the absolute path.
CompleteUrlPathTransformer Constructs URLs by prefixing the path with Server.getDefaultBaseUrl().
EditorLinkTransformer Modifies links to the format suitable for the Editor.
Link Representation of the link to a content in Magnolia CMS.
LinkFactory Factory processing various input into the Link objects and back.
LinkTransformerManager Single point of access for all Link Transformers.
LinkUtil Utility methods for various operations necessary for link transformations and handling.
RelativePathTransformer Transformer creating links relative to provided path.

Exception Summary
LinkException Exception thrown when an error during link creation or retrieval.

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