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info.magnolia.module.webapp This package contains the necessary classes to determine if the web-app needs to be bootstrapped, and to do so. 

Uses of Delta in info.magnolia.module

Methods in info.magnolia.module that return Delta
protected  Delta AbstractModuleVersionHandler.getDefaultUpdate(InstallContext installContext)
          The minimal delta to be applied for each update, even if no delta was specifically registered for the version being installed.
protected  Delta AbstractModuleVersionHandler.getInstall(InstallContext installContext)
 Delta ModuleVersionHandler.getStartupDelta(InstallContext installContext)
          Deprecated. It seems irrelevant to have startup tasks in a VersionHandler. These should probably be moved to ModuleLifecycle.
 Delta AbstractModuleVersionHandler.getStartupDelta(InstallContext installContext)
protected  Delta AbstractModuleVersionHandler.getUpdate(InstallContext installContext)
          Deprecated. since 4.2, renamed to getDefaultUpdate(InstallContext installContext)

Methods in info.magnolia.module that return types with arguments of type Delta
 List<Delta> ModuleManager.ModuleAndDeltas.getDeltas()
 List<Delta> ModuleVersionHandler.getDeltas(InstallContext installContext, Version from)
          Returns the deltas to be applied to update from the given Version from to the current one.
 List<Delta> AbstractModuleVersionHandler.getDeltas(InstallContext installContext, Version from)
protected  List<Delta> AbstractModuleVersionHandler.getUpdateDeltas(InstallContext installContext, Version from)

Methods in info.magnolia.module with parameters of type Delta
protected  void AbstractModuleVersionHandler.register(Delta delta)
          Registers the delta needed to update to version v from the previous one.

Method parameters in info.magnolia.module with type arguments of type Delta
protected  void ModuleManagerImpl.applyDeltas(ModuleDefinition moduleDef, List<Delta> deltas, InstallContextImpl ctx)
          Applies to given deltas for the given module.

Constructor parameters in info.magnolia.module with type arguments of type Delta
ModuleManager.ModuleAndDeltas(ModuleDefinition module, Version currentVersion, List<Delta> deltas)

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Classes in that implement Delta
 class DeltaBuilder
          Helper class to build Delta instances.

Uses of Delta in info.magnolia.module.webapp

Classes in info.magnolia.module.webapp that implement Delta
 class WebappDelta
          A hard-coded Delta for the webapp module.

Methods in info.magnolia.module.webapp that return Delta
 Delta WebappVersionHandler.getStartupDelta(InstallContext ctx)

Methods in info.magnolia.module.webapp that return types with arguments of type Delta
 List<Delta> WebappVersionHandler.getDeltas(InstallContext ctx, Version from)

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