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 class BootstrapConditionally
          A Task which bootstraps if the node targeted by the bootstrap file does not exist.
 class IsModuleInstalledOrRegistered
          A Task which delegates depending on the existence of a module.
 class ModuleDependencyBootstrapTask
          A Task which will bootstrap files if an optional module is installed or registered: any resource under "/info/magnolia/module/moduleName/setup/dependencyName".
 class ReplaceIfExistsTask
          A task which replaces a node by bootstrapping a file, only if it exists.

Uses of NodeExistsDelegateTask in info.magnolia.setup.for3_5

Subclasses of NodeExistsDelegateTask in info.magnolia.setup.for3_5
 class MigrateFilterConfiguration
          Updates location and configuration of filters.
 class UpdateI18nConfiguration
          Updates pre 3.5 internationalization configuration to the format used since 3.5.

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