Package info.magnolia.module.files

Interface Summary
FileExtractionLogger A callback-type interface used by clients of FileExtractor to be informed about errors.
FileExtractor A component to extract files from modules.
FileExtractor.Transformer Transforms a resource path into a file system path.

Class Summary
BasicFileExtractor Basic file extractor; does not do any check but provides the actual file extraction mechanisms, via FileExtractorOperations.
BasicFileExtractorOperation A simple FileExtractorOperation which just extracts a resource from the class path to the filesystem.
ClasspathResourcesFilterAdapter A ClasspathResourcesUtil.Filter which delegates to a FileExtractor.Transformer.
MD5CheckingFileExtractor A FileExtractor which performs an MD5 check on the extracted files.
ModuleFileExtractorTransformer A FileExtractor.Transformer which accepts files with paths like /mgnl-files/.../moduleName/...

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