Package info.magnolia.nodebuilder

Interface Summary
ErrorHandler ErrorHandler implementations can decide what to do with certain conditions.
NodeOperation A NodeOperation instance describes an "atomic" operation to apply to a node ("context").

Class Summary
AbstractErrorHandler Provides a basic behaviour for ErrorHandlers.
AbstractNodeOperation Abstract implementation of NodeOperation.
ContentOps A set of methods to build NodeOperations using the same tems as the Content API.
NodeBuilder Entry point for using the node builder API.
NodeBuilderUtil Some util methods to interfere with the NodeBuilder.
Ops Factory methods for most common NodeOperation implementations.
RecursiveOp Visits the hierarchy recursively and executes the operations on all nodes matching the filter.
StrictErrorHandler An ErrorHandler which interrupts operations as soon as one error happens, by throwing a NodeOperationException.

Exception Summary
NodeOperationException A RuntimeException thrown by ErrorHandler implementations; clients of NodeBuilder should expect and handle this.

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