Class IPSecurityManagerImpl.IPSecurityManagerTransformer

  extended by info.magnolia.content2bean.impl.Content2BeanTransformerImpl
      extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
Content.ContentFilter, Content2BeanTransformer
Enclosing class:

public static final class IPSecurityManagerImpl.IPSecurityManagerTransformer
extends Content2BeanTransformerImpl

Transformer which uses the IP value of the rule as the key.

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  TypeDescriptor onResolveType(TransformationState state, TypeDescriptor resolvedType)
          Called once the type should have been resolved.
 void setProperty(TransformationState state, PropertyTypeDescriptor descriptor, Map<String,Object> values)
          Do not set class property.
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Constructor Detail


public IPSecurityManagerImpl.IPSecurityManagerTransformer()
Method Detail


public void setProperty(TransformationState state,
                        PropertyTypeDescriptor descriptor,
                        Map<String,Object> values)
Description copied from class: Content2BeanTransformerImpl
Do not set class property. In case of a map/collection try to use adder method.

Specified by:
setProperty in interface Content2BeanTransformer
setProperty in class Content2BeanTransformerImpl


protected TypeDescriptor onResolveType(TransformationState state,
                                       TypeDescriptor resolvedType)
Description copied from class: Content2BeanTransformerImpl
Called once the type should have been resolved. The resolvedType might be null if no type has been resolved. After the call the FactoryUtil and custom transformers are used to get the final type. TODO - check javadoc

onResolveType in class Content2BeanTransformerImpl

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