Interface Summary
AccessManager Handles ACL checks and knows the users permissions.
Group A user group.
GroupManager Manages the groups.
IPSecurityManager Used to check if a client has access based on his IP address.
Permission A permission is a collection of rights and can match paths.
Realm Provides the name for the default realm.
Role A role is a collection of ACLs (permissions).
RoleManager Manages roles.
SecuritySupport Entry point to get the various managers like UserManager, GroupManager and RoleManager.
User Represents a magnolia user.
UserManager Manages users.

Class Summary
AbstractUser Handles the subject.
AccessManagerImpl Default implementation for AccessManager.
BaseSecurityFilter Provides basic infrastructure to authenticate request using form or basic realm.
ContentSecurityFilter Used to check if the user can read the requested content.
DelegatingUserManager A UserManager delegating to a set of user managers.
Digester Encryption helper.
DummyUser Deprecated. since 4.3.6 - usage needs to be reviewed - see MAGNOLIA-3269
ExternalUser A user which is not stored in Magnolia.
ExternalUserManager Manages the JAAS users.
HierarchicalUserManager A variation of a MgnlUserManager which stores users hierarchically using the following structure: /<realm>/<first letter of user name>/<first two letters of user name>.
IPSecurityManager.Factory Factory to get the singleton instance.
IPSecurityManagerImpl A very limited implementation of IPSecurityManager.
IPSecurityManagerImpl.InstanceFactory Provides a custom transformer as the current configuration is not c2b friendly.
IPSecurityManagerImpl.IPSecurityManagerTransformer Transformer which uses the IP value of the rule as the key.
IPSecurityManagerImpl.Rule Basic rule.
Lock Used to lock a session or the system.
LogoutFilter Performing the logout operation if the parameter "mgnlLogout" is present.
MgnlGroup A group stored in the ContentRepository.USER_GROUPS workspace.
MgnlGroupManager Manages groups stored in the ContentRepository.USER_GROUPS workspace.
MgnlRole Wraps a role jcr-node.
MgnlRoleManager Manages the users stored in the ContentRepository.USER_ROLES workspace.
MgnlUser This class wraps a user content object.
MgnlUserManager Manages the users stored in Magnolia itself.
PermissionImpl Concrete implementation of Permission using UrlPattern to match pathes.
RescueSecuritySupport To be used as a replacement of /server/security or SecuritySupportImpl in in case the configuration is messed up.
Security Get the current role or user manager.
SecuritySupport.Factory Factory to retrieve the singleton instance.
SecuritySupportBase Base implementation of SecuritySupport using JAAS for authentication.
SecuritySupportImpl Default SecuritySupport.
SecurityUtil Util class to test if a user is logged in.
SystemUserManager Responsible to handle system users like anonymous and superuser.
URISecurityFilter This Filter protects URI as defined by ROLE(s)/GROUP(s) ACL.

Exception Summary
AccessDeniedException Magnolia's counterpart to AccessDeniedException.

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